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Winning The War On Sugar

Sugar – one of the biggest threats to global health

And it’s high on consumers’ shopping concerns too. Their biggest worry, according to recent research by the Food Standards Agency.

As shoppers, we know the obvious places to look for sugar – sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks. But what about those less obvious places? What about sugar-loaded sauces and condiments sneaking onto everyone’s plates? We knew something had to change.

Spotting The Opportunity

In 2018, the UK introduced the Soft Drinks Industry Levy. A tax on sugar in fizzy drinks.

The spotlight shone on sugar… but it wasn’t broad enough.

We knew there were lots of other areas in the food industry that should reduce sugar content. We knew it was a big priority for shoppers – with 40% of UK parents ranking low sugar options as the highest priority for their weekly food shop.

And we knew there was one sector where we could help. Where we could make a real difference. Sugar free sauces.

2/3 adults looking to reduce sugar

Leading the market

We’ve been creating delicious sauces and condiments for decades. We have an expert team of chefs on-site at our production facility. We’re always experimenting with new flavours and new ingredients.

So we took the challenge to create delicious, sugar-free sauces – without sacrificing taste - in our stride.

And that’s exactly what we did.

Sugar free cupboard staples

Sharing the sugar free experience

We saw the rising trend in sugar-free options. We knew certain sectors were being overlooked. And we spotted a gap in the market to use our expertise and experience.

The Result?


Range of four sugar-free condiments


Kitchen cupboard staples that addressed the growing consumer concern about high sugar content


Listed in all major retailers and through online partners


A successful white label partnership crafted with a major health-food retailer

Our range was so successful, we built a large online following of Instagram ambassadors – including body builders, Slimming World and Weight Watchers’ members, and heath and fitness fanatics – all advocates who love tasty sauces but want sugar-free options that don’t sacrifice flavour.

The first completely sugar-free range of staple kitchen cupboard sauces.

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