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Mainstream Marinades

Over forty years.

That’s how long The Flava People’s MRC Red Tubs have been helping butchers spice up their meats. Chances are you’ve tried one of our products without even knowing it.

They’ve become the go-to dry marinade for 9/10 butchers in the UK. Tried & tested. Always flavourful. Always tasty. But if you’re prepping and at home, what do you do?

We developed the answer.

Spotting The Opportunity

With the rise of semi-scratch cooking and consumers looking to personalise dishes, shoppers were seeking new ways to add flavour to their mealtime repertoire.

They want to try tastes and flavours from exotic, global cuisines at home – customised to their own palettes.

Big red tubs of dry marinades would just go to waste. Who’s eating a butcher’s counter worth of chops every week? But small, single-serve packets? That’s exactly what the average consumer was looking for.

2nd best-selling brand in its category

Collaborate to Differentiate

As the market leaders in dry marinades for butchers across the UK, we knew exactly what spices and flavours the public love.

We innovated with the unique MFC Red Tubs forty years ago. Now it was time to innovate again.

We identified the key flavour profiles that consumers were always returning to. We analysed market trends to see which global cuisines were rising in popularity. We turned our big red tubs into something deliciously, powerfully small.

Delivering staple flavours like BBQ, Chinese and Piri Piri, we launched the Flava-it range. Quick and simple. Rip it, marinade it, cook it. Easy-to-use single serve flavour packets for everyone to enjoy at home.

Drives 1/3 of all sales in category

Sharing the marinade experience

A range of single-serve dry marinades packed with flavour and taste. A kitchen cupboard staple for anyone exploring new cuisines at home.

And we’re exploring and adding new flavours to the range every year.

The quick and simple way to customise meals at home.

The Result?


Over 1 billion meals cooked in homes using our marinades


Our marinades on shelves in all major retailers


4 out of the top 10 best-selling SKUs in the category


Responsible for a third of all sales in dry marinades

And we’re exploring and adding new flavours to the range every year.

The quick and simple way to customise meals at home

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