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There’s been a huge rise in vegetarianism and veganism over the last decade.

Eating habits are changing, there’s no doubt about that.

Some brands are innovating. Some are simply hopping on the bandwagon. We wanted to offer something that would truly help those moving towards a vegan lifestyle.

Spotting The Opportunity

The UK market leads the field with plant-based products, launching more than any other country in 2018. Why? Because it’s profitable. The UK plant-based market was worth £1.8 billion in 2019.

And that figure is growing.

25% of us will be vegan or vegetarian by 2025. And just under half of us will be flexitarian, regularly swapping out meaty meals for plant-based alternatives.

Because it’s not just vegans who buy plant-based food. Everyone loves them. Tasty, healthy and environmentally beneficial. That’s why last year, a whopping 92% of plant-based meals were eaten by non-vegans.

Green ready meals. Plant-based snacks. Meat alternatives. They’re all here to stay, loved by the wider UK market – not just vegans.

In particular, the trend towards meat-free burgers and sausages is particularly huge. A trend that has revealed a lucrative gap in the market. Condiments.

UK plant-based market £1.8bn

Collaborate to Differentiate

We knew that the market for vegan and vegetarian food would continue to expand at a rapid pace. We could see more and more meat-eaters switching to meat-free options. And we saw a need to make that switch as seamless as possible.

There were plenty of meat-free options on the market, but a noticeable lack of delicious dairy and egg-free sauces. After all, the best burgers and sandwiches are those with a hearty dollop of mayo.

So we set about developing plans for vegan mayonnaise. And we turned to one of the market-leaders in plant-based. Iceland.

Iceland are vegan experts. Vegan innovators. Vegan leaders. One of the first to market, their range of ‘No-Bull’ products was a huge success.

With no-bull, comes no-yolk.

We developed seven unique concepts and then worked with the Iceland team to produce three tasty ‘No-Yolk’ vegan mayonnaise options to launch with Veganuary – Original, Garlic & Piri Piri.

92% plant-based eaten by non-vegans

Sharing the plant-based experience

We’d been following the rising tide of plant-based before it broke into the mainstream. We knew where there were gaps in the markets. We explored the flavours and products that would fill them.

And we found the perfect innovative partners to deliver a comprehensive vegan experience. The meat-free meat and the egg-free mayo.

The Result?


3 vegan mayo products launched in all iceland stores


Authentic experience for flexitarian consumers


First to market with own label range of flavours of vegan mayo


Our vegan mayo enjoyed on over 9 million dinner plates

3 delicious vegan mayo products launched across all Iceland stores Original, Garlic & Piri Piri
A more authentic experience for the rising numbers of flexitarian consumers trying a vegan lifestyle.
First to market with own label range of flavours of vegan mayo
Our delicious vegan mayo dipped, dunked and dolloped onto over 9 million dinner plates

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