Bottling the Street Food experience

The UK street food market is worth around £1.2bn

That’s huge.

But consumers don’t always want to go out to the street for street food. They want to experiment with street food tastes in their home. So we helped them do just that.

Spotting The Opportunity

We’d long been following the growth in the street foods trend, from the bazaars of Morocco to the Asian pop-up stalls by way of American food vans. Consumers were getting more and more adventurous.

They were eager to try new flavours. To experiment with new tastes. To explore a range of street food experiences.

And although street food marketplaces were a growing trend in big cities, not every consumer could get to them. Many wanted to try street food tastes at home.

There were a few options to prepare dishes from scratch, but what about those time-strapped individuals who just wanted to spice up a meal with a dash of street food flavour?

We saw a gap in the sauces category.

Launched in all major retailers

Leading the market

After careful research and product testing, we identified the core flavours that consumers wanted to try. Those missing from supermarket shelves.

With the expertise in house, we branded and produced a range of six punchy sauces packed full of flavour and zing – Meat Lust. The only way to spice up your meat.

Guaranteed to delight the taste buds of foodie millennials – and many more consumers beyond that.

6 knockout flavours

Sharing the Japanese experience

To cement our market offer, we turned to an icon in the street food industry, a man synonymous with lusty, luscious food. Adam Richman, of Man V Food fame.

As brand ambassador, Adam toured the UK on our Big Pink Bus to promote Meat Lust across the country.

We’d been tracking the rise and peak in street food trends. We knew consumers wanted to try more flavours at home. We saw the appetite for a range of flavour-packed sauces.

The Result?


Meat Lust launched across all major retailers in 2017


6 knockout flavours


Outstanding social media engagement


Success in encouraging consumers to explore new flavours at home

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