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Our Flava Commitments

Delicious food and shared experiences can and do change the world. Our family was raised to help others, to bring friends into our kitchen, to share what we had. As a family-run food business, it’s our responsibility to do the same. To help others and positively change the world using food & flavour, in whatever way we can.


Educate. Entertain. Empower.

Our knowledge, our expertise, our skills and our understanding of great food is wasted if we don’t share it. So we do. We do whatever, wherever, however we can. Teaching others, breaking down barriers and dishing out experiences.

Supporting those in need is one of the driving forces at the Flava People, and our social responsibility is always front and centre. Sometimes, just sometimes it’s the opportunity to change a life forever.

Giving Back to Our Communities with 'Give-a-Shop'

We've partnered with a non-profit initiative on our doorstep, the Community Grocer. Since setting up in response to the first Covid lockdown in 2020, the initiative has since established 22 Community Grocery stores across the UK, supporting, 53,000 families who are impacted by food poverty – or around 150,000 people - with over 13.7 million meals, whilst saving 5,500 tonnes of surplus food from landfill.

We're not just putting food where out mouth is. As well as donating stock, we're committed to directly support Community Grocer with our ‘Give-A-Shop’ initiative, donating 3p from every Flava It! sachet sold in order to help fund and set up a brand new Community Grocery store on our doorstep in Wythenshawe, South Manchester. Our flava team members can also donate at least 2 days their time and expertise in the most impactful way, from helping in the shop, to running cookery course days, to sharing knowledge and best-practice in everything from warehouse management to marketing to cost-cutting. Through this, we hope to raise over £45,000 in 2024 financial year alone, enough to support in building and maintaining at least 1 store.

Striving for Complete Sustainability

As a global food manufacturer, we have commitments to the world we all live on. A commitment we strive hard to meet every day.
So we don’t just innovate with our food. We innovate with our processes and operations too. We innovate with our initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment.

Over the last six years we’ve:

  • Reduced energy usage by 40%
  • Cut carbon emissions by 15 tonnes
  • Achieved 95% recyclability with all our waste
  • Pioneered environmentally friendly packaging

All our residual waste is now turned into combustible material to generate electricity, and our food waste is used for biomass fuel to generate clean, green energy.

Our Values.


    We collaborate at every opportunity. Between our four key sectors. Between restaurants and retailers, head chefs, and buyers. Between ourselves, our brands, and our customers. Because it's when we get our hands dirty that the magic really happens.


    We've got nothing to hide and we create only those products that we'd proudly feed to our mums and mates.


    ... not just for food & flavour (although we're particularly partial to that) but for knowledge, ideas, change, inspiration & experience. It's what keeps us innovating, keeps us challenging and what makes us fun to work with and for.


    At the heart of it all, we believe in simple, down-to-earth honesty. Family run. Northern through and through. Proud of every one of our team members. This is who we are, and nothing will change that.

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