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Food doesn’t just fuel our bodies. It fuels our emotions, our experiences, our relationships. Food powers our journey through life. And we have the power - the delicious duty - to make that journey tastier for everyone. Join us on that journey.


Our Culture.

We’re the food explorers. The trend-spotters. The flavour crafters. The production specialists.

We’re creative – we’re innovators not imitators.
We’re driven – driven by a desire to change the way everyone experiences food.
And we’re passionate – we want everyone, everywhere to be able to enjoy delicious, flavourful food(and all that it brings).
We’re fun. We’re fair. We’re foodies.

Love food? Love flavour? Love your new job with The Flava People.

Person eating pizza

What you can expect

Expect great shifts, great pay and an exciting place to work. Expect monthly breakfast clubs and fruity Wednesdays, monthly awards and retail discounts. Expect laughs, treats and bonuses throughout the year.

You’ll be busy. You’ll be spotting trends and changing tastes. You’ll be fighting the bland, the boring, the same old, same old. You’ll be working with, collaborating with, the best of the best.

And we’ll help you do all of that, nurturing your talents and rewarding hard work.

So see our available vacancies below. Or if you think you’re food enough, if you share our passions and beliefs, if we’d be a fool not to hire you:

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