What we do

Creating Great Flavours Is No Longer Enough.

We know because it’s what we’ve been doing for over 40 years and we like to think we’re pretty damn good at it… but these days competitors can copy your ‘better, faster, cheaper’ products virtually instantly.

So What Now?

Great Is Good, Different Is Better.

Truth is, we’re all working to the same trend reports, industry insights, menu mapping & range reviews… Sooner or later, we all end up battling for a share of consumers’ attention, armed with a slightly different iteration of the same great ‘innovative’ products.

That’s why we’re launching a war on parity.
And we’re giving our partners the weapons to win.

Marinated chicken sandwich being assembled

We don't imitate, We Collaborate.

We work with, not for, our customers across multiple food sectors as strategic partners. We tap into their individual needs, opportunities, gaps & challenges to co-create completely bespoke products/concepts that deliver ownable & truly differentiated innovation

A real point of difference.

The world of food & flavour is far too diverse for any one person, business or brand to be the expert on everything. That’s why we don’t claim to be. Instead we’re uniquely positioned (right at the very heart of the food industry) to collaborate….

Our secret weapon lies in working together with key brands, chefs, innovators, influencers and subject-matter experts to convert the big trends and shifts that are driving consumer tastes into food & flavour concepts that give our customers a unique edge in the market, un unfair advantage.

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Over 1 Billion meals cooked in homes across the country each year using our retail ready seasonings.

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8 out of 10 butchers across the UK rely on our legendary MRC range every single day to keep their customers coming back for more, putting over 900 Million meals on British dinner tables every year using our products

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Business To Business

20+ TONNES of delicious bespoke sauces & seasoning supplied to our processing partners annually.

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Food Service

12+ MILLION dishes served last year with our famous signature gravy (they call it liquid gold!)

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