How we do it

1. Factory Process

Our purpose-built factory...

The international food trade is constantly changing and we pride ourselves on being one step ahead of all functional, flavour & quality-led food trends. How do we do this you ask? Well, in two key ways really:

1. Continuous modernisation of our manufacturing processes & utilising state of the art machinery. Our current purpose-built site allows us to manufacture high quality wet & dry products, for both savoury & sweet meal solutions, in a multitude of packaging formats to suit all needs. This can range from cupboard size 30g sachets to huge 25kg sacks, and everything in between.
2. By partnering with only the highest quality suppliers & manufacturers. Being closer to our ingredients at the source is important to us, which is why we now personally vet & ship raw ingredients direct from as far afield as Northern India, China & South America. Building great relationships with our processing partners is essential too, as it means we can assure the quality of our end-product in a way that very few food manufacturers can even come close to.

For a bit more info on our processing capabilities, or any of our partners simply get in touch and a member of our team can give you the low down.

2. Going Green

Reducing our footprint...

Unfortunately, being a manufacturer in the food industry has a reputation for generating large amounts of waste, so we’re on a mission to change that. 6 years ago we set out to turn this perception around & show how initiatives can be put into place to greatly reduce the impact of businesses such as ours on the environment, and so far we’re doing a pretty good job if we do say so ourselves. The small investments we have made have resulted in some huge changes; 

  • We’ve reduced our energy usage by 40% and our carbon emissions by over 15 tonnes per year.
  • Initiated a huge waste recycling project by identifying and segregating all waste meaning we send absolute minimal waste to landfill: less than 5%
  • Any residual waste not suitable for direct recycling is sent to the local Waste Exchange where it’s turned into a combustible material used to power turbines & generate electricity.
  • Any organic waste (food) is sent to our partners at SK solutions who convert it into green energy in a new local bio-mass power plant.

…and we’ve just got started!

3. Innovation Station

The heart of our creative ambition

Being in the food business doesn’t mean food should ever be purely functional, and seeing as everyone who works here is a foodie, that’s never the case! To us, food is about the experience, the smell, the taste, the sounds and the story behind each recipe and every ingredient. That’s why we created our Innovation Station, it’s where our inspiration comes to life, where our chefs can make a mess and where we can show you exactly how your creations will work in a real kitchen.

To come in and discuss a project just drop us an e-mail and make sure you arrive with an empty stomach!

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